100th Anniversary Adds to The Joy of Yıldız Holding’s Annual “Make Happy, Be Happy Day” Celebrations
100th Anniversary Adds to The Joy of Yıldız Holding’s Annual “Make Happy, Be Happy Day” Celebrations

100th Anniversary Adds to The Joy of Yıldız Holding’s Annual “Make Happy, Be Happy Day” Celebrations


The enthusiasm for the Republic’s 100th anniversary marked Yıldız Holding’s annual “Make Happy, Be Happy Day” this year, celebrated on the third Thursday of November. In addition to an entire day’s efforts focusing on social benefits, Yıldız Holding also held the opening ceremony of its new archeological artifacts exhibition, contributing to art with an all-encompassing approach. 

The enthusiasm for the Republic’s 100th anniversary marked Yıldız Holding’s annual “Make Happy, Be Happy Day” this year, celebrated on the third Thursday of November by its employees worldwide, working toward making all its stakeholders happy since its foundation. The Holding’s Çamlıca Campus hosted the exclusive celebratory events held throughout the day. Celebrating the social value they created in the past year through corporate and volunteer efforts, Yıldız Holding employees attended workshops on various sustainability topics all day, such as upcycling and zero-waste kitchen on Make Happy, Be Happy Day. They also created a collective artwork dedicated to the Republic’s 100th anniversary. The proceeds of the charity sale organized by Yıldız Holding employees for this significant day were donated to LÖSEV (The Foundation for Children with Leukemia).

Shedding light on the deep-rooted Anatolian history: A new exhibition at Yıldız Holding Exhibition Hall

Introducing a new art collection on every Make Happy, Be Happy Day, Yıldız Holding held the opening ceremony of an exclusive exhibition shedding light on the history of Anatolian civilizations, attended by Davut Gül, the Governor of İstanbul. Comprised of 350 pieces selected among the 672 historical artifacts registered in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism İstanbul Directorate of Archeological Museums, this permanent exhibition now awaits its visitors at Yıldız Holding Exhibition Hall. The exhibition features jugs, bowls, seals, figurines, and many other artifacts from the historical period between 3500 BC and the 19th century, including artifacts from the Bronz-Iron Age, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk times, as well as those from the Islamic periods and the latest century of the Ottoman Empire.

Among other highlights of the permanent collection are “Vefkh”s, which have a significant place in traditional Islamic art and are believed to have healing powers; knives, daggers, needles, and standards found in cysts of Lorestan, a mountainous area in the southwest of Iran; and “Unguentarium”s, also known as “Tear Bottles.” Visitors may see Yıldız Holding’s new permanent collection exhibition at the exhibition hall in Çamlıca Campus.

Ali Ülker: “We share the happiness of serving and creating value for our country.”

Highlighting they, as one of Türkiye’s longest-established organizations, will continue working to add value to the Republic, which celebrates its 100th anniversary, Yıldız Holding Chair Ali Ülker added: “As we celebrate the Turkish Republic’s 100th anniversary, we are delighted to have served and created value for our country in its last 80 years as the Ülker Family. We share the happiness we spread across the globe all year through efforts centered on inclusion, people, and social value, with all our colleagues, who contributed to our success. With our 75 thousand employees working worldwide under the roof of Yıldız Holding, we are committed to enabling social value in our country and wherever we may be present.”

Murat Ülker: “As the footprints of human history, these artifacts shed light on our collective memory.”

Pointing to Yıldız Holding’s social contributions through culture and arts events in addition to  those to Türkiye’s economic development goals since its foundation,  Yıldız Holding Board Member and pladis Chair Murat Ülker said: “Anatolia is a geography, where many major civilizations were born and the human history was written under the guidance of time. This rich history we inherited also helps us understand today and build our future. As Yıldız Holding, we shoulder the responsibility of conserving and passing on our cultural heritage to future generations with great pride and care. We assume the mission of bringing society together through our contributions to culture and arts and strive to add value to our cultural world through many projects. As of today, our public exhibition space hosts not only art but also a significant period of human history. I urge everyone who wishes to trace humanity’s major steps and civilizations to visit this unique collection. Let’s lend an ear to the past and build the future together.” Murat Ülker added: “As Allah the Almighty wills in His Book, we need to learn the lessons buried in the heritage of the elderly. The majority of our archeological artifacts our collection features are comprised of oil lamps that survived from the last five thousand years. When I  imagine my grandfather, and even my father, studying under an oil lamp, I do not mind the occasional power shortages.”

Mehmet Tütüncü: “Our employees work to add positive value to our society.”

Remarking Yıldız Holding is driven by a people-centered approach, Yıldız Holding Deputy Chair and CEO Mehmet Tütüncü said: “Behind all our efforts toward creating social value is our philosophy of “Make Happy, Be Happy,” the legacy of our late founder Sabri Ülker, which we prioritize in every step. On each “Make Happy, Be Happy Day,” we witness the best reflections of this philosophy. Our employees worldwide unite their efforts toward making the world a better place, driven by an exemplary sense of responsibility and a sensitive approach. On the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, we continue doing all we can to add value to our society, country, and the world. We will keep developing with a people-centered perspective and enhancing social value across the entire ecosystem we influence to ensure that Our Republic’s Star continues shining into the new century.”

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